With years of show production, comedic performances, and speaking engagements under her belt, Debbie has fine-tuned her ability for creating personal connections through a sense of humor that’s sharp without the sting.

Whether you need help learning how to move through the world in a more humor-filled way or want to up the engagement factor of an upcoming presentation, Debbie will work with you to access humor in a way that can be felt both personally and professionally.

Humor helps us:

  • Let down our guards
  • Move beyond barriers
  • Feel united with others
  • Connect with audiences

When you work with Debbie you are engaging in a true partnership designed for your success. Debbie will help you discover your humor style and strategically incorporate it into your personal and professional life.

Big smile, bright energy, and a quick wit that keeps crowds hooked.


Using humor to strengthen connections & build community.

Work with Debbie

Debbie Scheer ups the energy at any event with her signature mix of humor and heart — and just enough edge to keep audiences captivated. If you are looking for a dynamic personality to engage your audiences, complete the contact form below and Debbie will be in touch right away.

[email protected] 720-305-8094

Debbie Scheer Emcee
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