Debbie Scheer Speaks for Non-Profits


As an energetic auctioneer, Debbie brings connection to non-profit event fundraising.

Debbie’s clients know their fundraiser is in good hands, and guests feel excited to commit to your cause — now, and at future events, too.

Having worked in the non profit sector for many years, Debbie has a keen understanding of how important it is that your guests feel connected to your mission. Debbie believes that a true partnership between the organization and the auctioneer and emcee is a necessary ingredient to a successful fundraising event. She spends hours learning about each organization, their mission, the communities they serve and it shows when she takes to the stage and effortlessly weaves the mission into the compassionate call for giving. Debbie is passionate about the fact that shame has no place in fundraising and this can be seen in her style of emceeing and auctioneering. She uses appropriate humor and compassionate connection as a way to engage the audience.


As a trained emcee, Debbie’s clients know their event is in good hands, and guests feel excited to commit to their cause

Just as hiring a professional auctioneer is an investment in the success of your event, so is hiring a professional emcee. How many times have you been at an event and the duties of the emcee were handed over to the guy who loves karaoke and whiskey. At best, the result is an event that feels disjointed and out of control. At worst, people are offended and the opportunity to gain support for your cause has been lost.

As a trained emcee, Debbie maintains the flow of the event by effortlessly weaving together all of the elements that lead to success. Using appropriate humor to reinforce your mission, and increasing audience engagement Debbie creates an experience that naturally flows. Whether it’s for a group of fifty or a crowd of thousands Debbie skillfully joins the audience together in support of your mission.

Debbie Scheer Emcee

When you work with Debbie you are engaging in a true partnership. Every engagement booked includes strategy sessions to develop the most successful event and ensure that the values, needs, and expectations of your organization and audience are respected and fulfilled. Night of event services as well as a post event review to analyze the event, successes and opportunities for growth.

Big smile, bright energy, and a quick wit that keeps crowds hooked.


Using humor to strengthen connections & build community.

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Debbie Scheer ups the energy at any event with her signature mix of humor and heart — and just enough edge to keep audiences captivated. If you are looking for a dynamic personality to engage your audiences, complete the contact form below and Debbie will be in touch right away.

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