In case you missed the important first part of this blog about hiring an emcee, CLICK HERE! (link to the previous blog) If you have already read it then we are going to start the exciting conclusion on what I believe are some of the fundamental duties as well as important skills that a professional emcee must do and have to be successful.

  • The emcee works with the event planner and staff of the organization helping them create a fluid timeline and script. Trained emcees understand that every audience member has a limited supply of patience and so the script and timeline must be crafted to capitalize on the audience’s attention. Most guests arrive at an event with a close to a full tank of patience. Things like bad traffic, a babysitter who shows up late, difficulty finding parking, will all start to drain the patience tank so the key is understanding that every single guest shows up with their own level of patience and once their patience tank is depleted it is very difficult if not impossible to replenish it during an event, so keeping that patience tank full or close to full is important. A concise and fluid timeline is one of the keys to a successful event. An emcee helps people stay on script and appropriately guides them back when they get off track. Every single person has been to an event where a speaker got off track and took the event down a path that nobody wants to travel. The emcee should be able to guide the careening event back on track quickly and without any drama. 
  • The emcee possesses a thorough understanding of the organization and their mission, or the reason for the event, and can communicate that to the audience. When you think about it the emcee shows up as one of the many faces of the organization.  They must have an intimate understanding of everything that goes on with the organization/corporation as well as a very clear understanding of the audience. Each audience is its own microculture of something larger and understanding what that means is key to being able to connect with the guests. It doesn’t matter if there are 100 guests or 10,000 guests, there is a thread that ties everyone at the event together so understanding what that thread is, is critical.
  • The emcee fills the space between speakers or videos or activities with crowd connection and engagement. Nobody likes to be talked at and so an emcee must be able to fluidly read a crowd. They must know when and how to pull the crowd in and back together as well as when to give them some space.
  • The emcee uses the skill of improv when there are bumps in the road and by bumps I mean anything that causes a delay or a gap in the timeline of the event. Mistakes will happen, AV will stop working, presenters will be late, guests will drink too much…knowing what to do and how to do it gracefully is paramount to the overall success of the event.
  • The emcee uses appropriate humor. Ahhhhhh, my absolute favorite of all the skills. Humor is the great connector and when used appropriately it serves as an elixir that puts people at ease and everyone wants their guests to feel at ease.
  • And last but not least, the emcee must be 100% comfortable and competent with public speaking and presenting in front of intimate as well as large audiences.
  • When we consider all of the duties and skills required of a professional emcee it makes sense that hiring the right person for the job is an investment in the success of the event.

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About Debbie Scheer

Debbie Scheer is a humorist speaker in Denver and she is also an event emcee in Denver as well as across the country. She is also a professional speaker, humorist, emcee, and auctioneer whose mix of heart and humor brings inviting energy to every event she hosts. Her magnetic presence draws in audiences and makes a room come alive with purpose, connection, and laughter. If you are interested in hiring Debbie, please contact her today!