A Denver-based motivational speaker with quick wit and a ready smile


Using humor to strengthen connections & build community.

What Debbie Does Best

Denver, Colorado-based professional speaker, humorist, and auctioneer Debbie Scheer stands out as an emcee for her infectious energy and ability to weave humor and heart the moment she gets ahold of the microphone. She exudes a magnetic presence, drawing in her audience, no matter who’s in the crowd. All of these, combined with her infectious energy, make a room come alive with laughter and purpose. Organizations in Denver and surrounding areas looking for a speaker who’s funny and engaging at the same time will benefit from having Debbie host an event.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Debbie Scheer is a professional speaker, humorist, emcee and auctioneer whose mix of heart and humor brings an inviting energy to every event she hosts. Her magnetic presence draws in audiences and makes a room come alive with purpose, connection, and laughter.


When Debbie’s singular mix of tactful and comical candor takes the stage, audiences open up and enjoy learning, sharing, and laughing.

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Debbie’s clients know their fundraiser is in good hands, and guests feel excited to commit to your cause — now, and at future events, too.

Motivational Speaker
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With years of show production and comedic performances under her belt, Debbie has a knack for creating personal connections, her sense of humor is sharp without the sting.

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Make Events More Memorable With Debbie Scheer

Whether you’re organizing a fundraiser, a seminar or an auction in Denver, Debbie Scheer is the experienced and skilled motivational speaker your event needs. With her wit and humor, she can help break the ice among everyone in the audience and deliver funny quips that will have everyone feeling relaxed and connected.

If you want to work with Debbie for your next event, send an inquiry at [email protected] or call 720-305-8094.

Events & Partners

Heart and humor are the foundation of Debbie’s approach, and the reason she can quickly connect with any audience. Some recent events include:

When you work with Debbie you are engaging in a true partnership. Every engagement booked includes strategy sessions to develop the most successful event and ensure that the values, needs, and expectations of your organization and audience are respected and fulfilled. Night of event services as well as a post event review to analyze the event, successes and opportunities for growth.

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